Go Wakamatsu

I am a painter based in Kagoshima, Japan. I am a musician and a father of a daughter.

I paint with soft pastels.
I paint landscapes and abstracts.
My main source of inspiration is
the natural landscapes that are around me.

There are many beautiful words in the Japanese language inspired by nature.
One of my favorite words is "Kacho Fugetsu"

In Chinese characters, 花・鳥・風・月
It represents flowers, birds, wind, and the moon.It means the love for nature.

Japanese people enjoy poetry, painting, and other forms of artistic expression based on beautiful natural scenery and natural scenes. This is a custom that has been traditionally observed by the Japanese people since ancient times.


However, as I have been reading the posts of people from all over the world on social networking sites, I have become convinced that "Kacho Fugetsu" is not something that is unique to Japan.

People all over the world, and I am sure you too, love various songs and paintings.

It is through songs and paintings that you discover the beauty in nature.

Discover it in my paintings.
Discover the beautiful colors. The shapes of the clouds you used to watch as a child. The smell of the road by the sea where I walked with my lover.
The feel of the wind in my hometown.

That is "Kacho Fugetsu" itself.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for connecting with me.